Missions Sermons

Here are our archive sermons dealing with the topic of missions. Proclaiming Jesus In a Culture That Doesn’t Want Him I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel Missions Conference 2018 Missions Conference 2017 Missions Emphasis 2017 The Once and Future King Missions Conference 2016 Missions Emphasis 2015 Missions Conference 2014 Missions Emphasis 2014 Our...

Ecclesiastes Sermon Series

October 2016Listen to archive sermons from our study in the book of Ecclesiastes. Some have said that while Proverbs tells us how to live, it is Ecclesiastes that wrestles with the hard question of why to live.

James Sermon Series

April 2016James is a book that calls for works/fruit because of Christ's saving work in our lives. In one way we could say the book of James is about not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. It is a book that calls us to live out the faith we profess to believe.

Jonah Sermon Series

February 2016This is a shorter series that walks through the book of Jonah. Please resist the urge of just thinking of this book as a children's story about a big fish, but see this as an account that reveals God's nature, His heart, and our own sinfulness.