FBC exists to glorify God by making and maturing gospel-focused, grace-filled disciples of Jesus Christ through God’s sovereign power, the Holy Spirit, and God’s sufficient Word.

Principles and Priorities

Every church has a culture that shapes who it is and how it does ministry. Rather than have the culture of FBC be one that is built unconsciously through the conglomeration of years of traditions, FBC will strive to embrace and be shaped by the following aims:

  • God’s Sovereign Glory
    God’s sovereign glory is a fundamental truth of Scripture. Our God is supreme and in control. Therefore, we aim for God’s glory to dictate our focus, purpose, and the means by which we accomplish our purpose as a church.
  • Gospel-focused Discipleship
    The same gospel that saved us is the gospel that we need in our lives each day to continue to transform us in our lifelong process of growing more and more like Christ. Therefore, we desire our ministries and relationships to continually call us to the gospel as our hope for life and growth.
  • Authentic Worship
    The purpose we were created for, the result of our transformed hearts, and the beauty of the gospel lead us to overflowing joyful worship of God in our praise and actions. Therefore, we structure our service to encourage the church body not to observe worship but to engage in worshipping God in spirit and in truth.
  • Scriptural Sufficiency in Proclaiming Truth
    Since the Scriptures have the truths we need to be transformed from the inside, we rely on Scripture to accomplish the task of making and maturing disciples. Therefore, we aim to have the truth of God’s Word reverberate through the church. From our gatherings, which center on the exegetical preaching of the Word, to our relationships with each other, where we speak God’s Word to each other, we strive for a deep transforming knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Love and Care in Christian Community
    Christians are meant to live their lives in a committed community of believers, and this community should be one that is a conduit of God’s gracious love that supports and mutually edifies one another. Therefore, we aim to have a church where everyone is engaged in a community of accountability, encouragement, and care.
  • Faithful Evangelism
    We have been graciously saved through God’s work through faithful servants who have sown the gospel to us, and we have been commissioned by God to sow that gospel to others. Therefore, we each seek to faithfully sow the gospel in our community through pursuing redemptive relationships and as a church we partner with like-minded ministries for the spread of the gospel around the world.
  • Prayerful Dependence
    We know that apart from Christ we can do nothing and that what we desire to accomplish is a work of God. Therefore, we like the early church devote ourselves individually and as a body to seek God’s will through prayer.
  • Engaged Body of Believers
    We each have been called and gifted by the Spirit to be an essential part of the church’s purpose of making and maturing disciples. Therefore, we desire each member of our church to be engaged in the church for the purpose of their discipleship and utilizing their giftedness to see the church accomplish its purpose.


Although much of the church’s purpose and faithfulness to biblical instruction can be accomplished organically, some structure is needed and can support the ministry of making and maturing disciples.

Therefore, FBC’s pathway for maturing disciples is through gathering to worship (morning service), living in community (Adult Bible Fellowships), growing through study (Bible studies), serving the body, and sowing the gospel.