Please join us for our Sunday school hour; we would love to have you! Our Bible study groups meet around 11:00 a.m. (following the Sunday Morning Worship Service) and typically last for 45-55 minutes. This fall there will be four Sunday School electives offered for the teens and adults:

  • The Christian and Politics (Pastor Luke Love) – Auditorium (FULL as of 9/7)
  • Technology: Use and Misuse (Pastor Caleb Roth) – Fellowship Hall
  • Christianity and Other Religions (Pastor David Hinz) – Teen Room (FULL as of 9/7)
  • The Christian and the Workplace (James Vickery) – Foyer

Space is limited because of the size of some of the classrooms and to facilitate discussion about these topics. To sign up for a class, please contact Pastor Luke Love.

A Sign Language Class is also starting on September 9. Find more details here.

Age-appropriate classes are also available for children, as well as a staffed nursery.