Over the past few months, we as a church have had to adjust on several occasions. Not surprisingly with a matter that is this unique, with people having different needs, and a matter that falls within the area of principles and discernment in Scripture there have been several different responses to what and how the church should respond. Although there are different responses and opinions, there should be a shared motivation for every Christian’s response to these times, faithfulness to God and love for one another.

Each month during this time the deacons have been evaluating the situation and determining the schedule for ministry for the next month. This week the deacons approved the next step in our Sunday ministries’ schedule. It is our desire to establish a format that will, out of love and a firm belief in the need to gather to worship God, facilitate the opportunity for the church family to come together. This new schedule for Sunday ministries will begin on October 4.

Sunday Service: We will be returning to having one congregational service at our normal time of 9 am. Our county’s recommendations since mid-summer for churches has been that services should be no more than 50% occupancy. Based on our current attendance we will be able to hold one service and remain below that recommended level. With moving to a single service we are now able to offer ministries for our families with younger children, so beginning Oct. 4, Children’s Church and nursery will be made available for those that would like to utilize those ministries. As always, families are welcome to use these ministries or stay together in either the auditorium or the cry rooms.

Closed-Circuit Distant Gathering: There are different needs within the body, but each of us still has the spiritual need to gather as a church. In light of that, the Teen Room will be utilized each Sunday for a closed-circuit service. The room will be set up with its own entrance, spaced out setting, deacon care, and a live stream of the service. It is our desire that those attending the service in this room be wearing masks. We know the needs of the church family are different, and it is our hope that this space will provide an opportunity for individuals to gather and be encouraged by worshiping God with others within the church body.

ABF and Sunday School: The church is not just a gathering. It is the one another relationships that minister the Word and love to each other. This is the main purpose of our Adult Bible Fellowships, so we are excited to begin Adult Bible Fellowships and Sunday Schools on October 4.

We make plans to the best of our limited ability, but always trust God as the one who is in control.

For God’s Glory,
Pastor Luke