Finding Hope

Where can you turn for hope in these uncertain, turbulent times? The tendency of many is to try to find hope in things that will end up disappointing them. Finances can vanish, relationships can end, jobs can be lost, and dreams can be shattered. Where can you turn for hope? Below are some resources that show how hope in Jesus can be found. We also invite you to join us as we will be opening up the book of I Peter together each Sunday morning. As always, God’s Word will be seen to be amazingly relevant as it reminds us of the Living Hope we can have in these dark times.

5 Questions About Eternity

All our hope begins with the good news of Jesus Christ. These five questions reveal how anyone can have living hope.

15 Encouraging Reads for Days with Anxious Headlines

Westminster Bookstore has provides readings to help us understand ourselves and God in the midst of scary and uncertain times.

The Source of our Worry

Tim Challies writes a helpful articles that unpacks how we often view the future, and how our prediction of the future produces worry and fear.

Transforming Hope

Grace to You provides a short sermon series by John MacArthur that will help you get your eyes off the ground and up to heaven itself, by presenting thirteen elements of hope you have if you are a Christian. See how your hope of Christ’s return and eternal glory can transform you in the here and now.

Livestream Instructions

Here are a few ways to watch the service – church websiteFacebook LiveYouTube, and a Deaf Livestream. Please choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Church Website

View the livestream on our church website. If you can’t reach the website, please try one of the following options.

Facebook Live

In addition to watching live on our website, you can also watch live on our Facebook Page. This should provide a more interactive experience. Viewers are encouraged to comment throughout. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can view but not comment.

YouTube Channel

If the church website isn’t working for you, try viewing the livestream on YouTube. YouTube is also available on most smart TVs, etc. Simply search for “First Baptist Church – West Bend, WI.”

Deaf Livestream

To view the deaf livestream, you will need to go directly to the Deaf Ministry’s YouTube channel. A link and instructions are also available on our church website.

Problems during the service?

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Other Resources

The links below represent resources that we hope will help believers in their walk with the Lord. We are not responsible for the content on these sites, however. Please use discretion when browsing sites that you are not familiar with.

Online salvation resources:
5 Questions About Eternity
2 Ways to Live

To buy and download good music:
Bob Jones University Press

To find hymns and to hear hymn tunes: - Hymn List
Cyber Hymnal

Find a quality Christian College:
Maranatha Baptist University
Bob Jones University
Faith Baptist Bible College

Other resources & ministries:
Ozaukee Christian School
Seed of Hope Center
Men For Christ
Biblical Counseling Ministries