Backyard Bible Clubs invites kids (1st-6th) to enjoy games, Bible Lessons, and more right in their neighborhood! Clubs will be hosted in the yards of First Baptist Church families throughout West Bend on June 20-22, and the kids from every club are invited to First Baptist on June 23 for an evening of Bible Lessons, food, games, and inflatables. There is no cost to attend.


Royal Oaks Neighborhood Club
1:30-2:30pm @ 1127 White Sands Ct.
June 20-22

Ziegler Neighborhood Club
3:30-4:30pm @ 289 Vine St.
June 20-22

Regner Neighborhood Club
6:30-7:30pm @ 1315 N. 11th Ave.
June 20-22

First Baptist Church
6-8pm @ 2300 S. Main St.
June 23

Each neighborhood club meets every day on June 20-22. No neighborhood clubs meet on Friday June 23 as all of the clubs are invited to First Baptist Church for an evening of Bible Lessons, food, games, and inflatables from 6-8pm!

Registration is not required. If you’d like your child to attend, just show up at one of the homes! Come to one, come to all as you are able!

Please contact us for more information.

Check out our facebook event page!