The music ministry of First Baptist Church exists to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord through congregational singing, to equip our congregation with a means of keeping the Word of God dwelling richly in our hearts, and to edify believers to live in a God-honoring way (Colossians 3:16).

This is accomplished primarily through the congregational singing of songs that are biblically sound and musically appropriate. We view worship as the hearing and responding to God’s Word and Truth. Our desire is that, as we sing together, we will gain a better understanding of God’s Word, think correctly about who God is, and consider how we are to live in light of His Truth.

Along with congregational singing, opportunities to serve are also available to members to minister in other musical capacities. Members are encouraged to use their talents and abilities to the glory of God by being involved in the choir, orchestra, individual and small group singing, and in instrumental music while we worship in giving.