First Baptist Church is dedicated to removing any barriers that would limit the accessibility of our services and ministries. This includes the communication barriers faced by deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

We have two goals for assisting our deaf and hard-of-hearing members. Our first goal is to provide accessibility in all worship services and Bible studies. We offer sign language interpretation and electronic hearing assistance devices at all services. Our second goal is to provide meaningful opportunities for fellowship among both hearing and non-hearing believers. To improve communication and fellowship, we are offering a sign language class as a Sunday school option for any interested adult.

When you attend First Baptist Church, you will notice that our pastor and teachers take care to provide written class outlines and notes for everyone participating in a Sunday school or Bible study class. In addition, we often utilize visual technologies such as Powerpoint presentations and overhead slides to benefit hearing and non-hearing members alike.

For more information on any of our deaf activities, contact our church office:
Phone: 262-334-9211

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